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TIGER Eco School Tour 2019

Together with Classmate Magazine, we kicked off an Eco School Tour for the primary schools. We hope we could take this opportunities to remind the students of the importance of environmental protection.

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Professional speakers were invited to host the talk and share the eco-friendly concepts with the students, for example, reducing the use of disposable plastic utensils, but using more reusable daily essentials, so as to minimize the impacts on the earth.

We also included a game session. Students passed along a big black ball, which represents the garbage we made, to the trash can. Students and teachers were all very engaged. Everyone on the earth should be responsible for protecting the environment. We shouldn’t look down on our own strength. Instead, we should pull together and help saving the earth.

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At the end of the talk, we distributed some plant seeds to the students. Hopefully this talk can also be a seed to be planted in the mind of the student and then grow up with a mind to be friendly to our environment.

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