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Electric Kettle PCD-A

Model Capacity Colour
PCD-A08S 0.8L
PCD-A10S 1.0L

Quick Boil

65sec* only to boil a cup of water (140ml). (*room temperature at 23℃)

Easy to Clean

Removable lid and non-stick inner container are easy to clean.

Design for Your Safety

The special structure can reduce the speed of water leakage when it is overturned.

Double Wall Structure to Prevent Overheating

Stainless steel and resin as kettle double wall structure to prevent outer body from becoming too hot when boiling.

Auto Switch Off

After boiling, the switch will automatically turn off and cut off power supply.


PCD-A series electric kettle is one of the award-winning products of Japan's "KIDS DESIGN AWARD 2011".



※This product does not retain heat or coldness.

Model No. PCD-A08S PCD-A10S
Colour Brown (TE), Champagne Gold (NE)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.8L 1.0L
Electric Rating 1,300W
Water Warmer Dimensions (cm) 14.8x23.0x21.4 14.8x23.0x23.2
Water Warmer Weight (kg) 1.09 1.2

Electric Kettle Dimensions: width x depth x height