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Made-in-Japan Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S

A variety of rice cooking functions. Enjoy rice and main dish in just one step!

Model Capacity Colour
JKT-S10S 1.0L
JKT-S18S 1.8L

Time-saving and Energy-saving Synhcro Cooking

Use the tailor-made tacook cooking plate to cook the rice and main dish at the same time.
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-tacook-en-1.png (221 KB)

Ceramic coating — make the rice taste better

5 layers of metal + 3 layers of coating = 8-layered inner pot (2.5mm)
The ceramic coating enhances the =induction heating. When boiling, the clustered bubbles moisturize every single grain of rice and make it fluffy.
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-inner-pot-en-1.jpg (289 KB)

Enhancing the sweetness of the rice

The high cooking temperature of 130℃* covers the inner pot completely. The rice will bulge from the core. After cooking at 110℃ – 115℃, the sweetness of the rice will be released. (*the temperature of the bottom of the pot)
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-inner-pot-en-2.png (252 KB)

Ceramic coating lid

The beehive-liked lid helps spreading the stream evenly over the upper layer of the rice and keeping the rice texture consistent. 
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-ceramic-coating-1.png (99 KB)

Detachable lid

The lid is also detachable for cleaning.
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-detachable-lid-1.png (77 KB)

Functional design

This IH rice cooker provides several functions which are performed by pressing a button only. 
tiger-jkt-s-rice-cooker-menu-1.png (119 KB)

Model No. JKT-S10S JKT-S18S
Colour Black (K)
Inner Pot Material 5-layer metal + 3-layer coating
Capacity 1 Cup - 5.5 Cups 2 Cups - 10 Cups
Electric Rating 1080W 1198W
Rice Cooker Dimension (cm) 26×35.4×21.3 28.8×38.6×25
Rice Cooker Weight (kg) 4.5kg 5.7kg
Accessories tacook Cooking Plate, Rice Scoop, Ladle, Measuring Cup, Cookbook

Rice Cooker Dimension: width x depth x height