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Made-in-Japan Double Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker JPT-H

"Express-Limited cups" allows cooking 1 cup of rice in 17 minutes!

Model Capacity Colour
JPT-H18S 1.8L
JPT-H10S 1.0L

Ceramic pot coating – High heat storage

Ceramic pot coating on outer pot layer enhance the heat retention capacity, so the heat can cover each piece of rice comprehensively and evenly, which make the rice smoothly and chewy.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-ceramic-pot-coating.jpg (256 KB)


Far-infrared ceramic coating – Improve heat convection

Far-infrared ceramic clay pot coating enhances far-infrared effect of the side faces; and ceramic pot convection coating enhances the rice foaming effect of the bottom part, which intimates the traditional clay.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-far-infrared-ceramic-coating.jpg (399 KB)


5-layer far-infrared ceramic coated inner pot (2.5mm thick)

The 2.5mm thick inner pot can conduct heat rapidly, reinforces the strength the induction heating inside the pot, which bring out the sweetness of the rice.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-5-layer-far-infrared-inner-pot.jpg (328 KB)


Varying double pressure clay pot cooking

Pressure of 1.25 atm is applied during cooking to bring out the rice’s stickiness and chewiness. The pressure is decreased to 1.05 atm after rice is cooked and steamed at high temperature. Therefore, each piece of rice becomes firm and less stocky.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-double-pressure.jpg (239 KB)


“Express-Limited cups” allows cooking 1 cup of rice in 17 minutes

New function of “Express Limited cups” allows you to cook 1 cup of rice in 17 minutes, which can enjoy the “delicious rice” without difficulty.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-express-limited-cups.jpg (13.98 MB)


Beehive-liked glossy inner lid

The beehive-liked lid helps spreading the stream evenly over the upper layer of the rice and keeping the rice texture consistent.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-glossy-inner-lid.jpg (83 KB)


Multiple cooking menu preset

Multiple cooking settings allows you to enjoy various rice dishes, including “Eco”, “Plain”, “Ultra”, “Quick”, “Express Limited cups”, “Long-grain”, “Porridge”, “Multigrain”, “Brown”, “GABA”, “Sweet”, “Mixed”, “Sushi”, “Slow Cook”; “Slow Cook” function provides more time for busy people or small families to enjoy a warm and healthy meal.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-cooking-menu-preset.jpg (43.82 MB)


Compact design

Compact design looks beautiful and make good use of kitchen area.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-compact-design.jpg (13.34 MB)


Easy to clean

Only 3 parts to be clean, including inner pot, inner lid and detachable steam cap.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-easy-to-clean.jpg (87 KB)


Clear orange LCD

The LCD orange light automatically turns on, more comfortable and easy to see the menu even in the dark place.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-rice-cooker-jpt-h-clear-orange-lcd.jpg (22.23 MB)

Model No. JPT-H10S JPT-H18S
Colour Silky White (WS)
Inner Pot Material 5-layer ceramic coated inner pot (2.5mm thickness)
Capacity 1 Cup - 5.5 Cups 2 Cups - 10 Cups
Electric Rating 1085W 1213W
Rice Cooker Dimension (cm) 25.2×31.1×21.1 28×33×27
Rice Cooker Weight (kg) 5.3kg 6.8kg
Accessories Rice Scoop, Rice Scooper Holder, Measuring Cup

Rice Cooker Dimension: width x depth x height