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Made-in-Japan Electric Water Warmer PDR-S

Energy saving timer
Temperature set control

Model Capacity Colour
PDR-S30S 3.0L
PDR-S40S 4.0L

Energy saving mode - boiling

When reaching 98℃,the heating will be shut off and switch to Keep Warm automatically.

Energy saving mode - keep warm

After 2 hours of not in use, the keep warm temperature will be decreased automatically for saving energy.

Power-saving timer

5 sets of timer

Temperature set control

4 sets for catering your needs. (98℃・90℃・80℃・70℃)。

Removable lid

For easy cleaning

Model No. PDR-S30S PDR-S40S
Colour Beige (C)
Inner Materials Non-stick coating
Capacity 3.0L 4.0L
Electric Rating 682W
Water Warmer Dimensions (cm) 21.2x28.0x29.4 21.2x28.0x34.4
Water Warmer Weight (kg) 2.3 2.5

Water Warmer Dimensions: width x depth x height