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Made-in-Japan 3-in-1 Multi-functional Rice Cooker JBA-T (discontinued)

3-in-1 multi-functional rice cooker

Model Capacity Colour
JBA-T10G 1.0L
JBA-T18G 1.8L
3-in-1 multi-menu rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker

The rice cooking function is designed to cook a variety of rice and fluffy rice. The slow cook function makes a dish, like beef stew, much more conveniently. The steamer is for quick and easy cooking of vegetables.

Far-infrared Ray Coating

Scratch resistant and non-stick coating inner pot which heats up rice evenly and thoroughly.

2 Timer Setting
Detachable Honeycomb-liked Stainless Steel Cover

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Model No. JBA-T10G JBA-T18G
Colour Urban Beige (CU)
Inner Pot Material far-infrared ray coating
Capacity 1 cup - 5.5 cups 2 cups - 10 cups
Electric Rating 641W 918W
Rice Cooker Dimensions (cm) 24.7x33.7x21.3 27.6×36.4×24.4
Rice Cooker Weight (kg) 3.1kg 3.8kg
Accessories Steaming plate, Rice scoop, Ladle, Measuring cup

Rice Cooker Dimension: width x depth x height