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Made-in-Japan Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle MJX-B048 (Special Edition)

Model Capacity Colour
MJX-B048 0.48L

TIGER 100th Anniversary Limited Edition

Designed in collaboration with PAGONG, expert in dye-technique of Kyoto-Yuzen, to design three patterns that have deep connection with Tiger.

seihin_2022_mjx-b048rt_ss_001.jpg (18.04 MB)  seihin_2022_mjx-b048ao_ss_001.jpg (17.29 MB)  seihin_2022_mjx-b048yt_ss_001.jpg (18.12 MB)



Tiger's unique coating process to produce the delicate textures and patterns of Kyoto-Yuzen.

The colors and detailed patterns are carefully coated layer by layer to produce a three-dimensional feel and texture.

__Q9A2540.jpg (12.64 MB)


Wooden Gift Box

Suitable as a collection or as a gift to others.

MJX-B_(WoodenBox).png (1.74 MB)  MJX-B-(WithWoodenBox).png (2.59 MB)


A Mug-like Rim for Smooth Drinking

The specially-made cup rim with moderate thickness and curvature brings an unprecedented good touch.

MJX-B-(杯邊).png (2.20 MB)

Model No. MJX-B048
Colour Tsuru (RT), Onami (AO), Tora (YT)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.48L
Heat Retention (1hour/6 hours) 87°C or above / 71°C or below
Cold Retention (6 hours) 9℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) 7.1x7.1x20.1
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) 0.23

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height