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Stainless Steel Thermal Soup Cup MCA-B025 (discontinued)

Mini soup cup that keep food and beverage hot or cold for hours.

Model Capacity Colour
MCA-B025 0.25L

170g mini soup cup

This light soup cup fits in any bags.

tiger-mca-b-soup-cup-en-1.png (46 KB)

SUPER CLEAN finishing

SUPER CLEAN finishing process prevents against odors and stains.

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-en-1.png (70 KB)

Model No. MCA-B025
Colour Berry (VB), Choco Mint (AC), Framboise (PF), Mocha (TM), Pistachio (GP)
Capacity 0.25L
Heat Retention (6 hours / 1 hour) 56 °C or above / 81°C or above
Cold Retention (6 hours) 12 °C or below
Soup Cup Dimensions (cm) 7.5x7.5x10.9
Soup Cup Weight (kg) 0.17
Mouth Width (cm) 5.1


Soup Cup Dimensions: width x depth x height