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Stainless Steel Sports Thermal Bottle MCZ-S

Lightweight sports thermal bottle, with SIAA certification of antibacterial finishing, more safe and portable

Model Capacity Colour
MCZ-S040 0.4L
MCZ-S060 0.6L
MCZ-S080 0.8L

Earth tone color concept inspired from the sustainability

Specially used the earth tone color as the bottle design, which is inspired by the concept of sustainability. Through different earth colors to bring out the message of protection of ecology and environment.

MCZ-S-web-image.jpg (572 KB)

Different bottle capacity for different occasions

There are 400ml, 600ml and 800ml capacity can be chosen, which suitable for any outdoor and indoor occasions like camping, hiking, running, workout or etc.

stainless-steel-sports-thermal-bottle-mcz-s-camping.jpg (20.49 MB)

stainless-steel-sports-thermal-bottle-mcz-s-running.jpg (2.10 MB)


Lightweight bottle design

TIGER exclusive spinning processing technology makes the inner layer thinner (around 0.1mm), which makes the bottle easier to carry.

stainless-steel-sports-thermal-bottle-mcz-s-lightweight-bottle-design-en.jpg (95 KB)


SUPER CLEAN Plus finishing

SUPER CLEAN Plus finishing prevents odors and stains.

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-plus-en.png (282 KB)


Antibacterial finishing obtains the certification of SIAA

The antibacterial finishing used on handle and spout obtained the certification of SIAA, more safe and health when drinking.

stainless-steel-sports-thermal-bottle-mcz-s-siaa-certification-of-antibacterial-finishing.jpg (957 KB)

Specially-designed slant handle

Different from other sports bottles, slant handles can make you hold better and easier.

mcz_s_hundle_img.jpg (39 KB)

Ice filter attached

Wide mouth of 5.3cm design and together with the ice filter can prevent from popping out the bigger ice cube, make you enjoy a hassle-free iced drinks!

mcz_s_tap_img.jpg (27 KB) 

Non-slip surface finishing

Bottle adopt non-slip surface finishing, which prevent from sliding from hand.

mcz_s_surface_img.jpg (22 KB)

Anti-crash materials

The bottom of the bottle is made of elastomer resin, which can be placed gently and quietly when putting on the desk, protects the bottom from crash and impact.

mcz_s_bottom_img.jpg (26 KB)

Few detachable parts for comprehensive cleaning

The bottle consists of only few parts; each part can be detached easily which allows more comprehensive cleaning.

web_2022_mcz-s040yz.png (918 KB)

Keep hot and cold

Double wall vacuum insulation will keep beverages hot or cold for over 6 hours. Suitable for any seasons.

stainless-steel-sports-thermal-bottle-mcz-s-keep-warm-cold-en.jpg (53 KB)


Model No. MCZ-S040 MCZ-S060 MCZ-S080
Colour Lilac (VZ), Koala(HZ), Lime(YZ) Lilac (VZ), Stargaze (KC), Arctic Wolf (WZ) Pacific Beach (CZ), Moss Forest(GZ), Titanium Ore (XZ)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.4L 0.6L 0.8L
Heat Retention (6 hours) 61℃ or above 67℃ or above 72℃ or above
Cold Retention (6 hours) 10℃ or below 9℃ or below 8℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) 7.8×7.8×19.6 7.8×7.8×24.5 7.8×7.8×29.4
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) 0.24 0.29 0.32
Mouth Width (cm) 5.3

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height