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Two-way Sports Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle MBO-H

2way style for hot or cold drinks

Model Capacity Colour
MBO-H050 0.5L
MBO-H080 0.8L
MBO-H100 1L

Take your own bottle at everywhere!

Total 6 styles of different colors and patterns in which children can choose their favorite bottle by their own preference, more attractive for them get used to drinking water with the adorable bottle in daily life.

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-blue-dot.jpg (89 KB)

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-pink-dot.jpg (79 KB)

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-black-dot.jpg (107 KB)

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-red.jpg (98 KB)

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-blue.jpg (86 KB)

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-black.jpg (85 KB)


2-Way Bottle - Direct and Cup

Two bottle caps available for hot and cold drinks, suitable for any season and outdoor activities.

 Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-two-way-bottle-direct-and-cup-en.jpg (459 KB)


One-touch attachable/ detachable pouch belt

The pouch belt can be fastened or removed by one touch only, more easily, and convenient design. It also adopts the YKK zipper which is more durable and long-lasting.

 Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-durable-long-lasting-en.jpg (114 KB)


Avoid of mistaking other's bottles! Attach pouch tag and cap label

To avoid mistaking other's bottles, the attached pouch tag and cap label* provide the place to write down your name. Total 8 colors of the cap label for replacement.

*For MBO-H050 only

 Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h050-name-tag-label-en.jpg (303 KB)


SUPER CLEAN finishing

SUPER CLEAN finishing prevents against odors and stains

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-en.png (70 KB)


Anti-crash bag & Durable bottle bottom

The anti-crash bottle case protects the bottle from impact. The bag is also washable. The bottom of the bottle is made of thicker resin, more durable and perfect for children's outdoor activities.

 Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mbo-h-anti-crash-material.jpg (2.22 MB)


Keep hot and cold

Double-wall vacuum insulation will keep beverages hot or cold for over 6 hours. Suitable for any season.

ultra-light-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mmz-a2-keep-warm-cold-en.jpg (53 KB)



Detachable parts for comprehensive cleaning

 Children use thermal bottles every day. Cleanliness is what we are concerned about the most. Detachable parts are designed for easier cleaning.

Two-way-sports-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mob-h-detachable-parts-for-comprehensive-cleaning.jpg (461 KB)

Model No. MBO-H050 MBO-H080 MBO-H100
Colour Blue Dot (AT), Red (R) Pink Dot (PT), Blue (A) Black Dot (KT), Black (K)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.5L 0.8L 1.0L
Heat Retention (6 hours) 73°C or above (cup bottle) 77°C or above (cup bottle) 79°C or above (cup bottle)
Cold Retention (6 hours) 8℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) (direct) 6.9×8.7×21.5;
(cup) 6.9x7.7x22.6
(direct) 8.4×9.5×23.8;
(cup) 8.4x8.5x25.0
(direct) 8.4×9.5×28.2;
(cup) 8.4x9.5x29.5
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) (direct) 0.34kg;
(cup) 0.33kg
(direct) 0.47kg;
(cup) 0.45kg
(direct) 0.54kg;
(cup) 0.53kg
Remarks ***To avoid children from getting major or minor burns, too hot beverages are not recommended.

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height