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Terms Of Use

Using the Tiger Corporation website

Tiger Corporation (the Company) has established “Terms of Use” of the website. Users of the website agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. We may make changes to the “Terms of Service” without prior notice. In such cases, please understand that the “Terms of Service” after the change shall apply.

2. We are not responsible for the following with regard to the information posted on this website.

(1) For all posted information being correct, safe or useful.
(2) For the information posted always being up to date.
(3) For any damage caused as a result of using this website.
(4) For stopping the server, changing the information or suspending or discontinuing the service without prior notice. Or for any damages caused as a result.

3. When using the website of an affiliated company linked to from our website, please follow the terms of use of said linked website.

Copyrights and trademarks

All data, texts, drawings, designs, trademarks, logo marks, etc., that you view on our website belong to the Company, the original authors, or other right holders. Except for cases of personal use, acts such as distribution, copying, transmission or modification, without permission from the Company or other rights holders, is prohibited.


Subject to agreement to the following items, you may link to our website without the requirement going through any particular procedure, regardless of whether for profit or non-profit, on the Internet or an intranet.

(1) We will not be responsible for any trouble or issues of compensation for damages that may occur as a result of linking to the site.
(2) We make no guarantees regarding the linked website and its contents.
(3) Please set the link destination point to our company’s top page. (The composition, contents, etc., of the website may be changed or suspended without notice.)
(4) Please use a link button with our company name displayed as text. You cannot use our company logo mark, product name logo mark or trademark, etc.
(5) The following links are strictly prohibited.

Links that use frames, links that lead directly to a specific page or links where it is difficult to know that it is a link to our website.

Links from sites that are offensive to public order and morality, or from sites which slander the officers, employees, products, services, etc., of our company or our group companies.


  • Links that are misleading, suggesting that we are partnered with or support the site.


Opinions from customers

Please direct all opinions and inquiries regarding the Company to

Tiger Corporation Hong Kong Limited
Room 1006B, 10/F, Join-in Hang Sing Centre, 71-75 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung
(852) 2418 0912

However, the Company will decline proposals such as the following, except in cases where we have solicited them.

  • - Trade secrets or proprietary information of customers and third parties
    - Product names and planning related ideas, designs or materials
    - Proposals regarding business-related ideas and materials

  • Even if sent such proposals, the Company shall accept no responsibility for payment, evaluation or adoption. The customer shall waive all rights related to the proposal, etc.

The Company shall accept no responsibility in the event that a Company project or plan, etc., happens to resemble a “proposal”.

Diversion or posting of responses to customer inquiries, etc., from Tiger Corporation without permission is prohibited, regardless of the medium.

Updated in September 2017